How to survive without a job?

So… You lost your job and looking for a new one… I was not working for couple of months… and it can be annoying… you have a lot of free time, you are just going crazy about interviews, not finding a job or just running out of time and money… You still have some time to change your visa, but running out of money… Here are some tips how you can make some extra cash:

  • Sell out your staff and unused items – You can do this on Dubizzle or visit the Dubai Flee market. You can find some tips and more info on the fleemarket here.
  • Do mystery shopping – We used to do this… a lot… You go, shop and fill in a report. Then you get some cash. This is also good to visit some really nice restaurants and retail shops in Dubai ( and Abu Dhabi). You can eat for free and some companies let you keep the things you bought. Find some tips on mystery shopping here
mystery shopping dubai

Try mystery shopping and Eat for free

  • Freelance: If your English is good, then do some freelancing. you can be a social media guru, online expert
  • Teach – You will need some good language skills, but you can tutor part time… little ones or adults…
  • Train – if you like some kind of sports and you are good at it… find someone to train… One of the biggest problem in Dubai is that people do not go out enough, do not exercise! Motivate some good people and you will feel good about it!
Train someone Dubai

Train someone Dubai

Probably there are more ways… more fun or just simple! We tried some of this… if you have any suggestion or good tips, please do share with us in the comments!

Mystery shopping in UAE

Mystery shopping is easy!

Mystery shopping in Dubai

Mystery shopping in Dubai


You can register with one companies a mystery shopper, then you will be given some assignments.

These assignments can be:

  • Call a company, bank, restaurant, education institute or even official authorities
  • Visit website 
  • Visit a store and buy something, then if necessary, return it
  • Visit a restaurant

The point is, to make a visit and check the level of costumer service, they get your feedback on the costumer service the employees provide, sometimes the company has new website and they want to test or similar occasions.

Usually you would have a budget on how much you can spend on a certain visit, then you will be refunded that amount and paid a certain amount as your shopping fee.

In UAE, there are several trustworty marketing agencies, who do mystery shopping and check costumer services satisfaction, but you will need to be careful!

None of the companies will ask you to pay them any fee to join their mystery shopper team! They may ask you to go and buy something, then refund you the amount, but there is NO registration fee or certification fee. If you are asked, that is a spam.

Before you go ahead and jump in the opportunities, do your research on the company. Start your first month with 1 job, with a smaller amount you can easily afford.

If you tried mystery shopping in Dubai or any other cities, maybe outside UAE, tell us. Share your experience with us!

Dubai Flea Market

Hello there!

So Dubai Flee Market is a cheap source of all sorts of good and crazy stuff! If you are new to the country and you are looking for microwave, chair, jeans or ironing desk… for really cheap… then the flee market is where you need to be!

Initially was organized once a month in Safa Park, but now there are different dates for different locations: Ibn Batutta Mall or even at the Trade Center in the summer months.

Check out there website here!

Dubai Flea Markets

Visit Dubai Flea Market

Visit Dubai Flea Market

Dubai Flea Market is a second hand market where private individuals with non-commercial intention SELL & BUY everything used, from household items, home appliances, furniture, textile, ceramics, electrical equipment, toys, games, books, DVD’s, clothes, antiques, accessories etc. and handcraft.


If you want to sell your used or old stuff, you can also do that here! As a seller, you will need to pay around 280AED, in this fee you will have some chairs and a huge table to put your things out for the potential buyers!

Bruno Mars coming to Dubai

He is also visiting Dubai… gonna have a concert in Media City Amphitheater on 4th May… To be honest we are excited about him…he has so many great song 🙂

Tickets selling was open on 31st Jan… You can buy tickets on his webpage… or on TimeOut, on Groupon, etc

  • AED 295 – regular,
  • AED 595 – front pit,
  • AED 1,495 – VIP

Are you planning to go?

Justin Bieber in Dubai

The young and famous… Justin Bieber will be in Dubai for a concert on 4th of May. The concert will be in the Sevens Stadium.

You can buy tickets starting from AED 350, hurry up before the tickets sell out 🙂 You can get your tickets at his page.

We thought the tickets are juuust a little bit too expensive, but if you are a fan, then it’s worth for you 🙂

Employment visas in Dubai

How can you work in Dubai?
To work in Dubai, you have couple of options as for your visa status: your stay in the UAE can be sponsored by your family (dad, mom, sister or brother), your spouse or one company.


If your company will sponsor your visa you will have an employment visa.

After you arrive, it is mandatory to get a health card, followed by a residence permit on your passport and a labour card, particularly if you work for the private sector. If you work for the government sector, the government department will take the necessary procedures on your behalf.

To get your health card, you will need to go to a Medical Fitness Centre in Dubai, here you will go trough some examinations, but in aprox. 30 minutes you are ready, your results in couple of days.

Here are some useful links if you want to read a little bit more about this:

  • for the UAE Labour Law  on the Ministry of Labour website (unfortunately the English version doesn’t work that well as the Arabic, there are some things on the site you won’t be able to find). If you are an employee, you can verify your contract or labour card through the MOL’s website. An employer can also get the personal details of an employee in addition to company information, list of employees, licence or labour card status after logging into the website.
  • For attestation of your diploma you can find more information on the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research‘s website. Before seeking a job, particularly in the government sector, you must attest your academic qualifications as per the observed regulations. If you are holder of a degree from a foreign country or a university which is not licensed in the UAE, you must seek educational accreditation of your degree from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

You need to keep in mind that applying for a Freezone visa has its own rules (similar to the regular visa, but still a little bit different).

Good luck!