How to survive without a job?

So… You lost your job and looking for a new one… I was not working for couple of months… and it can be annoying… you have a lot of free time, you are just going crazy about interviews, not finding a job or just running out of time and money… You still have some time to change your visa, but running out of money… Here are some tips how you can make some extra cash:

  • Sell out your staff and unused items – You can do this on Dubizzle or visit the Dubai Flee market. You can find some tips and more info on the fleemarket here.
  • Do mystery shopping – We used to do this… a lot… You go, shop and fill in a report. Then you get some cash. This is also good to visit some really nice restaurants and retail shops in Dubai ( and Abu Dhabi). You can eat for free and some companies let you keep the things you bought. Find some tips on mystery shopping here
mystery shopping dubai

Try mystery shopping and Eat for free

  • Freelance: If your English is good, then do some freelancing. you can be a social media guru, online expert
  • Teach – You will need some good language skills, but you can tutor part time… little ones or adults…
  • Train – if you like some kind of sports and you are good at it… find someone to train… One of the biggest problem in Dubai is that people do not go out enough, do not exercise! Motivate some good people and you will feel good about it!
Train someone Dubai

Train someone Dubai

Probably there are more ways… more fun or just simple! We tried some of this… if you have any suggestion or good tips, please do share with us in the comments!

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