Mystery shopping in UAE

Mystery shopping is easy!

Mystery shopping in Dubai

Mystery shopping in Dubai


You can register with one companies a mystery shopper, then you will be given some assignments.

These assignments can be:

  • Call a company, bank, restaurant, education institute or even official authorities
  • Visit website 
  • Visit a store and buy something, then if necessary, return it
  • Visit a restaurant

The point is, to make a visit and check the level of costumer service, they get your feedback on the costumer service the employees provide, sometimes the company has new website and they want to test or similar occasions.

Usually you would have a budget on how much you can spend on a certain visit, then you will be refunded that amount and paid a certain amount as your shopping fee.

In UAE, there are several trustworty marketing agencies, who do mystery shopping and check costumer services satisfaction, but you will need to be careful!

None of the companies will ask you to pay them any fee to join their mystery shopper team! They may ask you to go and buy something, then refund you the amount, but there is NO registration fee or certification fee. If you are asked, that is a spam.

Before you go ahead and jump in the opportunities, do your research on the company. Start your first month with 1 job, with a smaller amount you can easily afford.

If you tried mystery shopping in Dubai or any other cities, maybe outside UAE, tell us. Share your experience with us!


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