UAE Armed Forces Recruitment TV ad

I was watching the UAE – Uzbekistan game. In the half-brake I saw a very high quality TV commercial about the UAE Armed Forces. A recruitment ad, which presented the arm forces as something that’s very close to the civil people, something that everybody can be proud of.

I made a search on Youtube, and I found the ad I saw during the game, also another one, having the same structure, but with different pictures.

Which one you like more?


6 thoughts on “UAE Armed Forces Recruitment TV ad

    • Excellent and engaging visual material wrapped around a positive core message. Obviously a great drive is on to get more UAE Nationals into the Defence Forces.

      Are expats / those from European countries with prior experience forbidden from applying?

  1. I like the 2nd one more..more creative combining the traditional elements and the modern ones….thanks for sharing and keep sharing 🙂

  2. Hi to everybody!
    I’m Colombian Student of a Colombian Army aviation School. I’ve heard that UAE Armed forces are recruiting people of my country for your rows, If somebody tell me about of this and the process that should be carried for this !
    would be very grateful Greetings from Colombia

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