Earth Hour UAE 31st of March!

Earth Hour UAE every year aims to increase it’s reach to more people, and 2012 is no different. With more companies and more individuals signing up than in previous years the UAE’s participation in Earth Hour this year can really put our country on the map as one which cares dearly for the environment we are a part of.

The main event for this years Earth Hour starts in your very own home. All you need to do is switch your lights off for an hour between 8.30pm – 9.30pm on Saturday 31st March and you straight away become a representative of the UAE taking part in this global movement, it’s as simple as that.

Another thing the UAE and you can do to take part is talk to friends and family, get them to switch off their lights too, it costs nothing to do. Also, talk to your workplace, sports club or local shop owner and see what they can do to join in. This a community based movement which needs everyone to do their part to make a big overall impact.

While you and your friends are doing this look out for your local landmarks and see what they’re doing, last year the Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Al Qasba and Fujairah Fort all switched off for the hour.

For more information visit WWF UAE!


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