Learn Arabic

Even though you can survive and live happily in this country without knowing any Arabic. It’s always nice to know some basic words. You will be surprised how much people can appreciate if you try to say “thank you” or even “hello” in their own language…even if your pronunciation is not that good 🙂

So here are some easy ones to get you started:

Hello/Hi –  Marhaba

Peace be with you ( formal way to say hello ) – Assalaamalaekum

Upon you be peace (responding for the “peace be with you”) – Alaikum assalaam

How are you? –  kayfa elhaal?

Fine – Bi-khayr

Pleased to meet you – Tasar-rafna

Have a nice day – Naharak saeed

Thank you – Shukran

Congratulations – Mabrook

Goodbye – Maas salaama

Good morning – Sabah el kheir

Good evening – Masa’ el kheir

How are you? – Keefak(m)/keefik(f)

What’s up? – Shu al akhbar?

My name is – Ana ismi

I’m from   – Ana min

I’m (insert age) years old – Ana ‘indi (insert age) sana

Excuse me/please – Min fadlak(m)/ min fadlek(f)

Yes – Naam

No – La

 I want – Beddi

You’re welcome – Afwan

I’m hungry – Joo’an(m)/joo’ana(f)

I’m thirsty – ‘Atshan(m)/’atshana(f)

I want to eat – Beddi akol

I want to drink – Beddi ishrab

*inserting a food or drink after these phrases also makes sense, like “beddi akol sushi”.

I think it’s not that difficult…not easy eather, but to say couple words on the country’s language where you live always makes people smile :))

To be continued…


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