Cost of living in Dubai 2012

Before accepting a job offer and moving to this city it’s good to know what costs you will have montly.

Of cours a lot depends on the lifestyle you chose, but some prices are good to know.

The currency in the UAE is Dirhams (AED) (1AED=100fils).
1 USD = 3.67AED (fixed rate)
1 EUR = 4.70AED (is not fixed, so it changes day by day)

Studios 20,000 – 90,000 (depending on the area, generally with 25,000 AED/year you can get a nice studio in a normal location, with 90,000 you can rent a Studio in Burj Khalifa) 5200 EUR 6800 USD
1 BR starting with 35,000AED – 7,500 EUR 10,000 USD

The rents are usually per year, and at the begining you have to give in (2 to 12 cheques) the whole amount.

7.5 AED = 2 USD 1.5 EUR

Milk (1L)
5 AED = 1.5 USD 1.2 EUR

Croissant (10pcs)
18 AED = 5 USD 4 EUR

Fuel (1L)
1.75 AED = 0.5 USD 0.36 EUR

Usually all the other prices are same or less than the normal EU prices. The only thing that is more expensive is the telecomunication and the internet services (mobile & home).


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