1st step: Finding a job

Hi everyone…who is in big search for job in the Emirates…in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Job hunting is never easy. Specially if you are new in a country, you don’t know the local customs, the salary…and instantly…where to look for job postings.

So here is a short and hopefully useful list for you, what we used:






There are a lot more then these, but after a month long job hunting we realized that there is no point looking for ads and applying on different websites, if the contents and ads are the same.

I think the 2 best ones are the Dubizzle and the Gulf News’ job hunting website Gnads4u.

On these two website you can just register, sign up easily and start applying.

On Dubizzle you can apply for a job directly on the website or there are some companies who give their contact details so you will need to call them for an interview appointment or e-mail your resume. We suggest to pay attention to details and not to send application for agencies, I would say it’s not really ethical how they work sometimes. You are invited, called for an interview by an agency and hey not necessarily will tell you that you actually have to pay, even for your interview…and then you get there and surprise…!

On GulfNews is similar. You find contact details and you will need to apply through e-mail or phone, there is no option here to apply through the website.

On Dubizzle and Gulfnews you will have the option to attach your resume and send a motivation letter too.

The other 3 website let’s you after registration to fill up the blanks and put all your details regarding your experience, studies and so, also to attach your resume. So later on, when you want to apply for a job posting, you just click to the ‘apply’ button and that’s it. Easy 🙂

To be continued…


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